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How Collaborative Divorce Helps You.

The Collaborative Divorce Process is an alternative to the combative process of court and litigation.

  • Identifies and works toward your unique needs and goals.
  • Allows you to direct your divorce process, with the added benefit of professional assistance.
  • Brings a Collaborative team approach to the harsh and damaging process of a traditionally litigated divorce.
  • Is a kinder, gentler way to divorce.
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Learn More About Divorcing in Colorado

Our diverse panel will answer questions about

Ask Questions of Collaborative Professionals

Our monthly free presentation provides a unique opportunity to present your questions to a Collaboratively trained divorce attorney, mediator, communication specialist, parenting professional, divorce coach (CDF), and/or financial professional (FNP). Presentations are held the First Thursday of each month (except holidays) at 7:00 p.m.

Programs are currently held by Zoom. You can attend by phone or computer from the comfort of your home.

“The presenters of the Collaborative Divorce Alternatives presentation walked us through their philosophy of a collaborative separation and divorce process, which aligns closely with what we are seeking. They really listened to where we're at, and the nuances of our situation, and thoughtfully tailored their presentation, and our conversation, to what makes the most sense for us. They were also patient and thorough with our questions. We highly recommend attending this introductory presentation and exploring their values and services."

Our Members

Collaboratively Trained Divorce Professionals
Michael J. Travers, Jr.

Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

Georgiana R. Scott

Attorney and Mediator

Jeannine Lee

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator and Mediator

Sara L. K. Ross

Attorney and Mediator

Tara Mohr

Collaborative Financial Neutral

Beth Brown Ornstein

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator and Mediator

Scott S. Britan

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

Sheri Brown

Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist

Maryann Ruck

Collaborative Financial Neutral

Marty Wisott

Collaborative Financial Neutral

Patrick Janssen

Collaborative Financial Neutral

Amy Stengel

Attorney and Mediator

Sean Simon

Collaboration Real Estate Specialist

Julie Martinez


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