Choosing a Collaborative Attorney

There are many losses during a divorce impacting nearly every area of your life from your home, to your kids, to your retirement, to your hopes and dreams. With these losses comes the emotional state we call grief. A grieving brain is a tired brain. It is so unfortunately that while you are in this tired state you must make some of the most important decisions of your life.

Below all the ‘stuff’ of divorce is an undercurrent of emotions that, without help will be running the show. The anger, the grief, loneliness, guilt, rejection, low self-worth are a powerful emotions that together can drive your process without your even being aware of it.

Enter the Divorce Coach

A key professional on the Collaborative team is the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (CDF) who provides support and guidance to manage the pain and strain of transitioning your relationship, while focusing on your goals for the present and the future.

The CDF helps you:

  • Understand the emotional impact of the divorce process
  • Make the most of your strengths
  • Assists you in being at your best during the divorce process
  • Manage the dynamics from your ended relationship that may sabotage your divorce process
  • Work around communication challenges that were present during your marriage.

In addition, the CDF helps to schedules meetings, develop the agenda, keep the meetings on track and on time, and meet with you individually to work through more difficult topics like a parenting schedule, the best approach to the marital home, relating difficulties during the process or for the future. The CDF managing these details keeps your costs down.

Supporting you with the emotions you will experience requires training that most attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, real estate professionals, and many involved in the court system, do not have. Having a trained Collaborative divorce facilitator on the team is key to your success.