The Team Approach

The Collaborative Divorce Process is an alternative to the combative process of court and litigation. A Collaborative divorce allows you to direct your divorce process, with the added benefit of professional assistance. It brings a Collaborative team approach to the harsh and damaging process of a traditionally litigated divorce. Call it a kinder, gentler way to divorce.

Who is On The Team?

Our team of Collaboratively trained attorneys, financial specialists, and emotional health/communication specialists (also known as divorce coaches) put your needs in the center of a supportive circle for highest attention and focus. Parenting/child specialists, real estate specialists and other roles are available to come in as needed. Your Collaborative team is here to help you and your spouse reach a fair and mutually acceptable resolution to your divorce, with as little interruption as possible.

  • Our attorneys provide the expert legal advice to help you make the important decisions, with potentially far-reaching consequences, that you face.
  • Our financial experts can advise you on potential tax consequences for various division of asset scenarios, advise you on how to split your retirement accounts, and know what future wealth, or debt, management might look like, as well as other important topics.
  • The Collaborative Divorce Facilitator is a role which can combine the role of mediator, parenting specialists and communication specialist to help the the parties and their attorney to have a successful process.  Read more about this role.
  • Our parenting experts understand the impact divorce has on children. They can help you with when and how to tell your children depending on their ages, how to set up a workable co-parenting schedule, and help you understand your kids’ special needs at this important time.
  • Our communication specialists/coaches will help you manage the emotional load you are feeling and help you stay focused on your goals. Your emotions are like an invisible rudder, without assistance they may direct your entire process in unknown directions. A coach will help you use your emotions for best outcomes.
  • Our real estate specialists are dedicated to the special needs of the divorcing. You will be advised on property values, should you sell, should you rent, how to get a mortgage given an uprooted financial situation, and more.

Professional Training

Collaborative divorce is a needs-based process focused on creative problem-solving, rather than angry, self-serving arguments. Each party is represented by an attorney, while the other team members involved operate as neutral, joint experts. This is quite different than litigation where there may be a battle of the experts, which may impact your wallet and not provide the solutions you need. All professionals on your Collaborative team are Collaboratively trained to use non-adversarial conflict resolution and non-adversarial communication.

What That Means to You

Every married couple, and consequently every divorce, has unique needs. The Collaborative process provides unique solutions for your family to divorce well and be able to co-parent, or co-grandparent, together on the other side.

Don’t let your future out of your hands or with the court system. No one cares about your future, your finances, and your family, like you. Experience the power of a professional team escorting you through this difficult and confusing process.