Choosing A Collabroative Divorce Lawyer

Among the many decisions you will face when you and your spouse choose a Collaborative Divorce process is who to select as your Collaborative attorney.  Collaborative law is a process in which parties to a family law dispute collaborate with the support of attorneys working together to ideally reach a full resolution of all disputed […]

Why You Need to Seek Financial Advice Early

Many can agree that divorce is a major life transition that has far reaching implications—emotionally, legally, and financially. Yet, people often shy away from engaging the appropriate level of professional support to help them navigate the process. This is oftentimes due to concerns around the costliness of divorce. After all, quality professional expertise from attorneys, […]


The answers below are general in nature. For more information, please contact one of our Collaborative professionals. Frequently Asked Questions 1) Will our documents meet the court’s requirements? Yes, the documents produced using the Collaborative model for your divorce meet all the requirements for divorce in the state of Colorado.The state requires that certain specific […]

Tips for Children Coping with Divorce

1. Understand that it is not your fault. Your parent’s arguments and divorce are not your fault and are not under your control. 2. You don’t need to solve your parents problems. Parents shouldn’t ask you to take sides, relay messages or keep secrets. If they do, tell them that you would prefer to stay […]

The Team Approach

The Collaborative Divorce Process is an alternative to the combative process of court and litigation. A Collaborative divorce allows you to direct your divorce process, with the added benefit of professional assistance. It brings a Collaborative team approach to the harsh and damaging process of a traditionally litigated divorce. Call it a kinder, gentler way […]

The Many Roles of the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

Process management: coordinating all joint meetings The Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (CDF) is one of the Collaborative team’s two neutrals. Being a neutral frees up the other professionals to focus on their areas of expertise and allows the attorneys to focus on your desired solution. The CDF will schedule and facilitate at all of the meetings […]

Marital Home and Divorce

For many people, one of their most important marital assets is the marital home. Even when there is not much equity in it, the marital home can have a high emotional value for one or both the parties, especially when there are children. On this page, we discuss some of the options around keeping the […]

Helpful Resources

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The financial issues that need to be decided in any divorce case are:1. division of the marital estate2. determination of spousal support3. determination of child support4. allocation of children’s expenses5. how taxes will be handled Division of the Marital Estate What is in the marital estate?  Is there separate, non marital property (assets or debts) […]