Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child

Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child - Movie

It is with great respect that we recommend the film Split: Divorce through Kids’ Eyes as a resource for divorcing parents, and others who want to understand how divorce impacts children.

Ellen Bruno is the creator of Split: Divorce through Kids’ Eyes. As a child of divorce,  her personal experience informed this creative and impactful work.

Her parents divorced when she was 12. Her family’s way of dealing with the divorce was to never talk about it. This created monstrous fears in her and her siblings. As an adult, Ellen went through a divorce from the father of her children.

Remembering her own experience, Ellen set out to create something interesting and trustworthy for her own children. She wanted them to be able to hear the experiences of other children.  The result is a touching, honest, candid view of divorce through the eyes of a child.

We highly recommend you watch this movie early in your divorce process. It will help you help your children. You can purchase or stream the film. Follow this link to see a 2-minute trailer on Vimeo. 

UPDATE: As of May 2023, Ellen has released her follow up movie Split UP; The TEEN Years, which follows the same 12 children from the first film, 10-years later as teens. Follow this link to see a 2-minute trailer on Vimeo.

Follow this link to the website for more information or to access the films.