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JD from Tulane Law School

Colby College in Maine with a BA in Anthropology

A personal statement from Amy Stengel

Amy Stengel

Senior Attorney and Mediator

Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC
3775 Iris Ave, Suite 5
Boulder, CO 80301
"Changing the Way People Divorce, with Collaborative Family Law & Mediation"

Amy is a Collaboratively trained family law attorney who has been licensed in Colorado since 2003. Her interest in family law developed from a desire to provide meaningful counsel and support for individuals and families in transition following her own experience with divorce and co-parenting.

She enjoys working closely with clients navigating the divorce process, and finds that with the right guidance and support it can be an opportunity for significant personal growth. She believes that resolving matters out of court through Collaborative law or mediation is most often the best way to preserve the emotional and financial resources of the parties, and to insulate parents and their children from unnecessary stress and harm. She is drawn to the solution-oriented, problem-solving approach involved with Collaborative law as well as mediation, and strives to facilitate the resolution of divorce, legal separation and parental responsibility cases in a way that considers the unique needs of each family, both immediate and long-term.

Amy earned her JD from Tulane Law School in New Orleans and graduated from Colby College in Maine with a BA in Anthropology. Amy’s transition to family law came after a number of years working in natural resources and environmental law. She previously represented state agencies as an Assistant Attorney General with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office for eight years. She currently divides her time between Boulder and Nederland.