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prestigious schools as the Coaches Training Institute

Center for Right Relationship

Grief Recovery Institute

Completed Level I and Level II training with the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals

A personal statement from Jeannine Lee

Jeannine Lee

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator and Mediator | CPCC, GRC, CCUC
Longmont, Colorado
Phone: 303.746-7000
"Understands the unique emotional and chaotic challenges of divorce"

Jeannine Lee is certified as a life, relationship, Conscious Uncoupling, and grief recovery coach. She is a trained mediator, conflict coach, relationship systems coach, and Collaborative divorce coach. Divorced herself, Jeannine understands the unique emotional and chaotic challenges of divorce. She has worked with hundreds of ending relationships and brings that understanding to couples who have hit a painful block in their relationship but aren’t sure divorce is the solution. For those who do divorce, Jeannine helps you through the emotional upheaval, and disruptive chaos, to learn what went wrong in your ending relationship, and to divorce in a conscious way.

She has trained with such prestigious schools as the Coaches Training Institute, Center for Right Relationship, Complete Life Center, Grief Recovery Institute, and the Relationship Coaching Institute. She has completed Level I and Level II training with the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals, works as a Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (CDF) in the Collaborative Divorce process,  has completed 40-hours divorce-specific mediation training, and an additional 40 hours of general mediation training, and has extensive relationship systems training. Jeannine has over 1,500 hours of formal training and certifications, in addition to thousands of hours in personal study and client work.

Jeannine Lee is an award-winning author and speaker, speaking about the power of transition, transformation, and the importance of a designed life. She has been on Talking Divorce and Dealing with Divorce radio programs as an emotional health expert. She is the creator of the Beyond Divorce Recovery and Empowerment online program.

Her book, Beyond Divorce: Stop the Pain, Rekindle Your Happiness, And Put Purpose Back in Your Life is available through  Barnes and Noble.

You can reach Jeannine by email via her website, or by calling 303-746-7000