Julie Martinez

Address: 77 Erie Village Square, Ste 230, Erie, CO 80516
Phone: 720-769-7311
FAX: 844-780-4911

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who has worked in financial services for over 17 years, I am well equipped to serve a variety of needs across a broad spectrum of complexity and sophistication. I regularly coordinate with professionals from other disciplines who advise in areas of estate planning, elder law, tax efficiency, real estate, divorce and family law, business succession planning, consulting, etc. This virtual team approach allows me to integrate diverse expertise into a personally tailored, holistic wealth strategy.

My practice is best suited for affluent clients who desire to fully engage in a robust, purpose-driven experience. It is for those seeking a trusted advisor to offer wisdom and guidance, so they can make well-informed financial decisions as they navigate the rapidly evolving circumstances of life.I’m honored to serve clients from all walks of life.

I’m especially passionate about empowering women through financial wellness and supporting people through transitional periods (e.g., divorce, job changes, the aging or loss of a loved one, approaching retirement, etc.).

In addition to being a CFP® professional and a financial advisor, I’m a wife, a mother and a friend who desires to make meaningful contributions to the lives of others.