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Graduated cum laude from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law

Life at a big city law firm

A personal statement from Sara L. K. Ross

Sara L. K. Ross

Attorney and Mediator | ROSS LAW FIRM, LLC
Historic Highland School Building
885 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302
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"Boulder Family Law Specialists"

Sara Ross is a Collaboratively trained family law attorney.  She was born and raised in Boulder, and grew up in her father’s family law practice before joining the field herself after law school. Sara came to family law after a year and half working for a large law firm in San Francisco.  She graduated cum laude from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, and enjoyed the challenge and fast pace of life at a big city law firm.  But, something critical was missing from that environment: the human element.

Having worked in her father’s practice growing up, Sara knew that the life of a lawyer could do much more to reach real people.  She wanted to find an interesting and challenging area of the law that also worked to help human beings.  Over the years, Sara watched traditionally litigated family law cases unfold and consistently felt that there must be a better, less destructive way for family systems to reorganize themselves after experiencing divorce.

Sara is proud to be part of making another option available: Collaborative law.  As an  experienced litigator, Sara understands the family law legal system well.  While representing clients in traditional litigated family law cases, it is important to her to maintain integrity and respect for all the people involved while simultaneously providing outstanding representation for her clients.  As the public gains awareness of the Collaborative process, Sara’s practice is transforming to accommodate an increasing Collaborative caseload. Sara is actively working to help spread the word about Collaborative law and is excited to offer families a chance to reorganize in a healthier way.
In addition to offering Collaborative legal services, Sara is a member of the Boulder Collaborative Divorce Professionals practice group, a board member of the Colorado State Collaborative Law Organization, and a trained mediator.  The communication and negotiation skills involved in facilitating mediation overlap heavily with the skills needed to effectively work with clients in a Collaborative case, and Sara believes that her work as a lawyer and mediator complement each other.

In coming home to Boulder and transitioning to family law, Sara recognized an opportunity to lawyer for something that truly matters: helping people, families, and kids transition through one of the most difficult times in their lives with grace, compassion, and excellent legal representation.

When she’s not hard at work for her family law clients, Sara enjoys yoga, pottery, dance, books, and spending time outdoors.