Colorado Divorce Alternatives

Members of Front Range Collaborative Divorce offer this free presentation on the first Thursday of each month (except holidays) at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. You will learn about:
  • Alternative processes for obtaining a divorce or legal separation in Colorado
  • The timeline for a typical divorce case
  • How to start your divorce or separation
  • The financial information that is required
  • An overview of property division, child support, and spousal support
  • Tips for parents
  • Types and importance of professional assistance you may need
  • Learn about the emotional impact.

  The Collaborative Divorce presentation was extremely helpful. It was amazing to have a team of professionals sharing their expertise pro-bono in such a structured yet open format. Their differentiated specialties within the divorce process gave a very comprehensive overview. To help you determine what is the best fit for your personal situation, detailed explanations were given of each option available and what the corresponding approach entails. Plus, what considerations need to be taken into account were discussed. The presentation is very informative for anyone who is thinking about starting a divorce or separation process. I found it a very useful tool while in the divorce process already—as a gauge to determine if current resources/approaches are being optimized and are appropriate. As an added bonus, this diverse team of professionals took the time to answer questions and are there to connect you to professionals who can help. Thank you all so much!

Our diverse panel will address legal, financial, alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation and collaboration), communication, and parenting questions. Presentations are tailored to the interests of attendees. Register below. Please note: registration closes at 4:00 the day of the presentation.

Colorado Alternatives Divorce Presentation


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