We Don’t Communicate Well. Can Collaborative Divorce work for us? 

By Jeannine Lee The short answer is Yes. Absolutely. So let’s talk about how. Communication is at the heart of every marriage. In fact, communication breaking down often leads to divorce. The Collaborative Divorce process offers a team model. Collaborative Team Divorces are legal, financial and emotional/relational. The three prongs of the Collaborative Team cover all […]

The Role of a CDFA in Collaborative Divorce

By Patrick Janssen  Unlike most of the traditional separation processes, the collaborative approach to divorce includes a Financial Neutral (FN) that usually holds the designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). The support that the FN provides is helpful with identifying the most appropriate financial settlement option for both spouses by utilizing the flexibility within […]

What is The Collaborative Way To Divorce?

By Scott Britan  The Collaborative way to divorce was invented back in 1990 by a divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His name is Stuart G. Webb. After years of representing clients using the traditional litigation process, and watching his clients grow more angry and resentful with each passing month, he thought to himself, there has […]

Collaborative Divorce is a Facilitated Transparent Process

By Beth Brown Ornstein If you and your spouse want to divorce amicably while making informed decisions, the Collaborative Divorce process might be for you. Through this facilitated and transparent process, you benefit from expert legal and neutral financial advice while focusing on what matters most to you as you move forward with your individual […]

Choosing A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

By Amy Stengel Among the many decisions you will face when you and your spouse choose a Collaborative Divorce process is who to select as your Collaborative attorney.  Collaborative law is a process in which parties to a family law dispute collaborate with the support of attorneys working together to ideally reach a full resolution […]