A Goal-Focused Approach To Divorce Is Important

By Beth Brown-Ornstein

Deciding to get divorced and then going through the process is emotionally draining. Trying to focus on what’s important while dealing with the details in addition to carrying on with daily life can be challenging.

While the divorce experience will almost always be challenging, the Collaborative Divorce process is designed to make it manageable for you.  In addition to receiving guidance from the professional team members relating to substantive issues, the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator helps you identify your goals to see the big picture and manage the process to help you meet your needs and the needs of your children as you work through the issues.

As you identify your goals, you can think through what is important to you. You can often work through disagreements with your spouse by evaluating how different proposed solutions will relate to your goals. For example, if you each want and need a nice place to live for yourself and your children, you can evaluate various options relating to your current home and the impacts on your children and your individual financial situations.

By keeping the focus on your parenting and financial goals, the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator can help you, with the help of the other professional team members, more effectively evaluate all of your options.