An Easier Way To Go Through a Divorce

Removing wedding ring

By Scott Britan

As a licensed therapist I have heard many divorce stories. One thing I can tell you is that it is never easy. Whether you have been married for many years or only for several months, the process of ending a marriage can be, and often is, heartbreaking.

Many people find it helpful to go through this process with a trained professional to help keep things in perspective. This emotional transition from married to single is why I am such a big believer in the Collaborative Divorce process. Although a therapist is not a part of the process, the rules, guidelines, and methodology of the process are consistent with the goals of therapy, which is to be as smooth and painless a process as possible while negotiating an amicable division of assets, and if applicable, a parenting plan that best fits the entire family.

In my opinion the Collaborative model is the best one ever devised to accomplish every goal that is required by law. The entire team, which includes two lawyers, a facilitator, and a neutral financial advisor, work together to accomplish a result that really works.